On Fire

The world is on fire. A rushing, hissing silver wind blows through the treetops and ashes mask the mountains. Half a million people have been evacuated as the flames steadily devour the landscape.

In my backyard, the world is on fire.


Becky said...

Merrie, are these pictures ones you took?

I've been wondering how you're doing. I knew you were closer to the fires by a long shot, but it's hard for me to know exactly where any of them are. The names they use don't tell me anything.

God's protection.


Merrie Destefano said...

No, I'm definitely not a photographer, so these aren't my photos.

I'm not that close to the fires, but some of the people I work with are. Some have been evacuated, some are hosting evacuees.

It's both strange and scary for this to be happening so close by us.

I am praying for those who have lost their homes and who have suffered from the damage. It's almost overwhelming when you realize the scope of it all. And how quickly it all happened. Almost immediately after we got back from ACW.

I agree. God's protection. He is the one to turn in times of trouble.