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These are the reasons for last year's show, but they still apply!



Did you know he’s been courting me for what, like a year now? He’s been watching me from all those secret places. The ones we’re not supposed to know about, but honey, we know. All of us know. That’s why we do the stuff we do.

It’s all for the hidden cameras.

Jenny, she’s been acting up for weeks now, trying to get him to look at her. But I can tell all the mirrors is pointed right at me. Can feel ‘em, even at night, when the dark sky presses against the barred windows.

What he gonna do, that’s what I ask. He gonna come in here, in front of all his ladies and say that he wants me? I don’t think so.

It’s all a big show. A game. Like all the others. Like the ones we used to play on the street, back when I was free.

Baby, that was a long time ago, but I can still taste the city air. Sharp. Strong. I can still see the glitter of my own blade, the one that got me out of more jams than I can count. That was the first thing he took, you know. You thought it was my heart, didn’t ya? You thought he made me fall in love with him, then lured me back here to this high-rise trap in the sky.

But I was the one breaking hearts, don’t ya know. Back on the street. He didn’t catch nobody but she really wanted to get caught. And that includes me. I wanted inside. Here where it’s warm and safe. Yeah, there’s bars on the doors and windows. I ain’t blind, not yet. I see ‘em, sure enough. But there’s food on the table too, and something to take the sharp edge off the night. Something that helps me sleep.

Couldn’t sleep outside.

Couldn’t close my eyes knowing what was out there in the shadows.

Sometimes I stand at the window, when all the others are asleep, and I stare out into the black streets. Trying to see if it’s still there. If it’s still looking for me.

Some might say I’m paranoid, or that I just think I’m all that and way more. But I know what’s true. There was something out there, hunting me down. And the same goes on in here, only now the one that caught me is watching. He’s trying to figure out what the outside monster was wanting.

And, believe me, I ain’t gonna tell him.

I got my own secrets and they ain’t for sharing.


I write to know that I’m alive
I run to know that I can walk
I scream to know that I can breathe

If I only I could slow down
Peace would follow
For sure, for sure

I sing to remember that I believe
I pray to see the face of the Divine
I dig with fists closed
I fight with eyes blinded

I fall

And I write
to know that . . .


Free to speak, free to listen, free to choose

This video explains the purpose behind Pastor Eddie's Gadfly Project.

For those of you who don't already know, Pastor Eddie surrendered to the Chinese Police in Tienanmen Square. You can listen to the audio file at the Exodus8one site.


Government approved protests denied

"Nicholas Bequelin, a researcher at Human Rights Watch, a private group based in New York, said he and other rights advocates had been skeptical that China would fulfill its pledge to allow greater free speech during the Olympic Games. Still, he said, the International Olympic Committee should be held accountable for not pressing China on the issue. 'The I.O.C. seems oblivious to the fact that they’re holding the Games in a repressive environment,' he said."

Quote from the on-line article, "Would-Be Protesters Detained in China," in the New York Times.


Should we care what happens in China?

During China's bid for the Olympics in 2001, Beijing Olympic official Liu Jingmin stated that the Olympic Games are "an opportunity to foster democracy, improve human rights and integrate China with the rest of the world."[1] This pledge was in keeping with the principle of advancing "a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity," as put forth in the Olympic Charter.[2] In spite of these promises and other international human rights obligations, however, the Chinese authorities

* Have displaced an estimated 1.5 million Beijing residents in preparation for the Olympic Games[3]

* Continue to target human rights activists by imprisoning them, preventing them from leaving or returning to Beijing, and keeping them under tight police surveillance.[4]

* Remain the world's leading jailer of journalists for the eighth consecutive year, with at least 29 journalists in prison in 2007[5]

These actions fundamentally undermine the spirit of the Olympics. As Hu Jia and Teng Biao wrote in their article "The Real Situation in Pre-Olympics China," "If there is no dignity or human rights, then there can be no real Olympics," and "for anyone who wishes to avoid a disgraceful Olympics, knowing the truth is the first step."


1. "Incorporating Responsibility 2008: About the Issue: Olympics and the Rule of Law," February 2008, http://www.ir2008.org/02/issue.php.

2. Olympic Charter, http://multimedia.olympic.org/pdf/en_report_122.pdf.

3. Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, Press release: "China's Olympic dream displaces 1.5 million people: The IOC and the Chinese Government have continuously failed to take responsibility for mass housing rights violations," July 16, 2008, http://www.cohre.org/media.

4. Human Rights in China, "Human Rights Situation in China Worsens as Bush Calls for a More Open Society," August 07, 2008, http://www.hrichina.org/public/contents/68117.

5. Committee to Protect Journalists, "CPJ: One in 6 journalists held without charge," http://cpj.org/Briefings/2007/imprisoned_07/imprisoned_07.html.



Human Rights and the Olympics

"When you come to the Olympic Games in Beijing, you will see skyscrapers, spacious streets, modern stadiums and enthusiastic people.

You will see the truth, but not the whole truth, just as you only see the tip of an iceberg.

You may not know that the flowers, smiles, harmony and prosperity are built on a base of grievances, tears, imprisonment, torture and blood."

—Hu Jia and Teng Biao,
"The Real Situation in Pre-Olympics China (奥运前的中国真相),"
China Rights Forum, No.4, 2007

Quote from the IR2008 website

Australian Prime Minister discusses human rights in China

The Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, discussed the issue of human rights in China recently. An article by Mary-Anne Toy in Beijing can be read here.

A quote from the article:
"As someone who's looked at the history of human rights in China, it's always been two steps forward, one step back," Mr Rudd said when asked if China had fulfilled its promise, made in 2001 when it was awarded the 2008 Games, to improve human rights.

Bush speaks out on human rights in China

According to a recent AFP article, "US President George W. Bush on Saturday expressed "deep concerns" about freedom and human rights in China, during his visit to attend the Beijing Olympic Games."

A quote in the article, made by President Bush:
"During my time here, I'm expressing America's deep concerns about freedom and human rights in China," he said. "This trip has reaffirmed my belief that men and women who aspire to speak their conscience and worship their God are no threat to the future of China."

You can read the entire article here.

The History of Abuse in China

This video details the history of abuse that has taken place in China and uses photos and a couple of video clips to illustrate the injustices. These are merely a handful of photos that have come out of China in recent years.

What you will see is here is what happens to Christians--and people of other faiths--who worship “underground.” This is what happens to many of the churches that don’t register with the Three-Self Church in China.

To learn more about what is going on in China visit this site.

To learn what you can do, visit this site.

You don't have to get involved. That is your freedom. But you may want to consider the following poem written by the German Pastor Martin Niemöller, about the rise of Hitler and the Nazi regime.

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;

And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;

And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."


Everyday you write your own story

As a writer, I understand. Everyday you write your own story. You go to the store, water the plants, eat breakfast (paragraph one). You go to work, answer e-mails, pay your bills (paragraph two).

You talk to your friends. You drive home. You eat dinner.

When the rest of the city is dark and quiet, you say your prayers and go to bed.

And then, sometime in the middle of the night, a group of men break into your house. They drag you away, torture you, and eventually throw you into prison. Wait, let’s change that last phrase. They “re-educate you.” For years. Without trial.

All because of that God you were praying to before you went to bed.

Everyday you write your own story.

Today I choose to write mine.

Today I choose to write to President Bush and President HU Jintao of The Peoples Republic of China. Today I choose to ask, politely and with respect, for the freedom of my brothers and sisters in China. I ask that they encourage the National Peoples Congress to ratify the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

I ask because I have the freedom to pray before I go to bed. And I think everyone should have that right.

Everyday you write your own story. What will you write today?

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
United States

His Excellency President HU Jintao
People’s Republic of China
The State Council General Office
Beijing 100017

Exodus8one: Links to press

Human rights are an issue here.

A village is arrested.

An American pastor protests peacefully

What Christianity Today has to say.

Four protesters detained

Two Britons are deported for protests

What the Washington Post has to say

Gadfly on NBC4 Los Angeles

Online Videos by Veoh.com

This was aired on Thursday August 07, 2008. It features key people who are in support of "The Gadly Project" and details how the church Hacienda Christian Fellowship has Gadflys full support. Visit Exodus8one and let your voices be heard when you still have time.

Gadfly reveals project strategy to David Aikman, former Time correspondent

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Eddie Romero, aka "Gadfly" speaks to David Aikman, former Time correspondent from Beijing and Author of "Jesus In Beijing" about the project strategy in February 2008, Washington D.C.

Gadfly on NBC4 Los Angeleshttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

Online Videos by Veoh.com

This was aired on Friday August 08, 2008 at 5:00AM. It features key people who are in support of "The Gadly Project" and details how the church Hacienda Christian Fellowship has Gadflys full support. Visit Exodus8one and let your voices be heard when you still have time.

More about the Gadfly Project

Below is an embedded video of the press conference that was held on Wednesday August 6, 2008 for The Gadfly project which unfolded in Beijing China on August 5. In this event he brought attention to the plight of Chinese People of all faiths and also highlighted the increasing human rights deficiencies in China. He achieved this protest by creating artistic graffiti murals on the walls of two hotel rooms. He also made 2 effigies to illustrate those who have been effectively silenced by the Peoples Republic of China. Visit Exodus8one as he is still on the loose in China.

Online Videos by Veoh.com


For those who have no voice

The Gadfly Project is underway!

A voice for the voiceless, Exodus8one, has finally been revealed. Those who of you who know anything about this may have been waiting and praying for years for this series of events--like me. Or this may be the first time you are learning about some of the things that have been happening in China.

Of course, not all is revealed yet. But you can see the beginnings here.

And one of the videos is here.

Already some of the links to the above video have been disappearing. So you might want to view it soon.


Read these books or you'll never see your puppy again

Becky over at A Christian Worldview of Fiction tagged me for a meme. We'll see if I'm up to the task. I'm so blog-rusty that I don't even have any blog-friends. Sigh.

I may be breaking the rules, because one of my picks is from ABA.

I’m going to list five MUST Read novels and five Keep Your Eyes on These novels, then tag five bloggers who I’m asking to post my list on their site. They may then add one book to each list but must also subtract one book. Finally they should tag five other bloggers, link here at Alien Dream, and comment to this post so visitors here know to check out how they may have changed the list.

My additions are in bold. Hee hee.

Five MUST Reads:
Demon: a Memoir by Tosca Lee (NavPress)
Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer (WaterBrook)
To Dance in the Desert by Kathleen Popa (Cook Communications)
The Restorer by Sharon Hinck (NavPress)
Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge (Tor)

Five Keep Your Eyes On These:
Scarlet by Stephen Lawhead (Thomas Nelson)
On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson (WaterBrook)
Auralia’s Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet (WaterBrook)
The Hunted by Mike Dellosso (Realms)
The Legend of the FireFish by George Bryan Polivka (Harvest House)


Shade by John Olson (B&H)
Field of Blood by Eric Wilson (Thomas Nelson)
Conspiracy in Kiev by Noel Hynd (Zondervan)
Stepping into Sunlight by Sharon Hinck (Bethany)
Hero, Second Class by Mitchell Bonds (Marcher Lord Press)

The bloggers I’m asking to post the lists (and make one book-for-book change to each list if they wish):
Mark Goodyear
Mike Dellosso
Sharon Hinck