Part Two: Interview with Beverly Lewis

Today we are fortunate enough to have best-selling author, Beverly Lewis, back in the Alien Dream studio. She’s going to be discussing some awesome subjects today: among them, her opinion on the old plot-versus-protagonist debate and advice for beginning writers.

MERRIE: When writing your books, which comes first the plot or the character? Is one more important to you than another, and if so, why?

BEVERLY: Always the protagonist. The day I “hear” a new character’s voice, I know it’s time to start taking notes, paying attention. This typically comes midway through the writing of the third book in a contracted trilogy—I know who the new character is vying for attention in the next series.

MERRIE: I have to say that I absolutely agree. I’ve been struggling with my next book idea and just heard my main character’s voice last night. He wasn’t anything like I expected, in fact for weeks I thought he was supposed to be a girl! Is there one tip you would give to a beginning writer?

BEVERLY: Write what you love to read.

MERRIE: Great answer. Passion brings inspiration. Was there ever a time when you almost quit writing? If so, can you tell us about it and why you decided not to stop?

BEVERLY: I’ve never known typical writer’s block. I’ve had weeks when there were seemingly not enough hours in the day to accomplish what I wanted to finish writing, though. And I did take a self-imposed six-month break when my mother died, nearly two years ago. It just knocked me out—I didn’t expect to feel so wiped out, knowing how she longed to be with Jesus, having suffered for so many years. I thought I’d be happy about her eventual passing, but, oh did I ever miss her. And still do.

MERRIE: I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s death, Bev. But thank you for being honest about what was obviously a difficult time. I’m one of those people who think it’s important to take a break from writing, from time to time, to regenerate. I understand that you’re going to be teaching at the upcoming OCCWF conference on April 12. Can you tell us a few things you hope to discuss in your seminar?

BEVERLY: The co-producer of the movie, “Saving Sarah Cain,” based on my very popular novel, The Redemption of Sarah Cain, and I, will be discussing the journey from fiction to film in a joint workshop. Can’t wait! I’ll also be presenting key points in my keynote speech, to help writers find their way to publication, using the “Simple Gifts,” the success secrets that seem to be lost to so many.

MERRIE: That sounds like a fantastic workshop. (I hope they have a lot of chairs in that room!) And your keynote speech sounds inspirational. I’m sure everyone will enjoy that, too. Can you tell us when your new book, The Forbidden, will be available?

BEVERLY: It’s being shipped this week, I believe.

MERRIE: For all of our Alien Dream readers, I just checked Amazon and found out that you can pre-order a copy of The Forbidden at this link.

MERRIE: Beverly, thank you again for allowing me to interview you. I really appreciate it! Is there anything else that you would like to say?

BEVERLY: I’m every excited to meet writers in Orange County and to encourage them in their passion and calling. It’s also kinda brown right now in Colorado, so I’ll be ready for some warm temps and…lush, tropical greenery. Thanks, Merrie…such fun! I’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

MERRIE: Well, we'll all be looking forward to meeting you too, Beverly!

To all my Alien Dream readers, don’t forget, there are still openings available to attend the OCCWF conference. Visit their site at OCCWF for more information.

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