Hunting for The Hunted

I admit it. Sometimes it's hard to find the books you want to buy. Maybe you heard about a new book online or from a friend. Then you go to purchase the book but can't find it. Trust me, it's happened to me too. In the pursuit of good reading material, I've visited up to four different bookstores before I realized that no one in my little corner of Southern California carried what I was looking for.

What's an avid reader to do?

Here are some suggestions if you go looking for Mike Dellosso's new book, The Hunted, and you can't find it on the shelves...

1. Talk to someone who works at the bookstore. Ask them to help you look for the book. Sometimes it really is there. And this will help the bookstore folks know which books are in demand.

2. If no one can find the book on the shelves, ask them to order it for you. Then be sure to follow through and go to pick up the book when it comes in.

3. Order the book online. I can't even tell you how many books I buy online. My only rule is that I make sure I buy a new book from a bookstore, like Amazon.com. That way, the person who wrote the book will get a piece of the pie. If you are buying used books online, then the only person making the profit is the one selling the book. I personally believe in supporting the arts—that's the main reason why I participate in blog tours and book reviews. It's my way of giving back to the people who supply me with my favorite drug: books.

And if you want just a little taste of what this particular book is about, here's a trailer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for being a part of the tour. I'd love for you to participate in my little meme as well . . . if you dare!

Mike Dellosso said...

Great suggestions, Merrie. I've actually done all of them and yes, sometimes, that elusive book is right under your nose the whole time. But I, too, enjoy buying books from Amazon. There's something about getting that package in the mail that's exciting.