In the Name of Love

Would YOU eat a dead tarantula for love?


Marcus Goodyear said...

First, I'm going to pretend that the former governor of Illinois didn't try to get on a reality TV show, then send his wife instead, then feel loved because she ate the dead tarantula he should have eaten.

But to answer the question, I'd need more input. Could I cook the dead tarantula? Maybe deep-fry it with some rosemary and parmesan, then serve it to myself over a bed of linguine?

That wouldn't sound so bad. I'd eat that just out of sheer curiosity.

Merrie Destefano said...

I'm with you, bro! I can't believe his wife is paying his penance.

Ick! Double Ick!!

I say we give all future dead tarantulas to MR. Blogojevich.

Tell him, Now, Blogo, you can't go out and play with the other politicians until you clean your plate!