Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Blog

If it was a battle, I would say Twitter is winning. But Facebook is close behind. The blog, this sweet little blog right here, well, she's limping along with thorns in her feet and the jeering of cyber-crowds in her ears.

I've been adjusting to the changing Internet world. But it sure isn't easy to juggle multiple social networks and platforms at once.

I love Facebook. Really. So many things to do, even when no one's chatting. Vampire Wars (way fun), quizzes, links to videos, and have I mentioned the photos? Or the fact that you can cruise with the top down, wander through all your pals' pages?

Then I joined Twitter. And felt so alone. Like I had fallen into a vast Internet vortex and all my words were now muffled and silent. Until I stumbled into a chat today. I'm not sure where I was. I'm so new to the scene I don't even know what to call it.

It was @writechat, on Sunday, from noon to 3 p.m. Better than speed dating. (Not that I know anything about that, but hey, I've seen movies.) It was like speed dating when all the people have six heads and they're all carrying on multiple conversations at the same time. I think I was talking to myself before it was over.

I'd have died if it hadn't been for TweetDeck...

TweetDeck? I forgot to mention it, huh. And then there's that awesome site where you can shorten URLs...

I don't know. Apparently I am catching on to this new cyber universe.

Maybe there's still hope for this Alien Girl after all.


H.C. Zuerner said...

Welcome to the crazy world of Twitter and #hashtags. While I am not new to Twitter, this was my first time participating in #writechat, and I was a bit overwhelmed as well. I would start typing a few letters and a notification would pop up telling me 77 new updates had come in since I just refreshed.

I am glad to have the chance to follow you, since I haven't succumbed to Facebook yet.

Merrie Destefano said...


Oh, thank goodness it wasn't just me! I could not keep up. I suddenly felt every single sunrise and sunset, and they all added up to: this group is YOUNG and FAST!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hey, how come you have two different profile photos? Are you trying to trick us (me)? I'm easily confused.

Just don't toss anything shiny into the mix.

Yay, YA and urban fantasy!
: )