My Top Thirteen Favorite Movies--and yes, they are ALL science fiction Yay, Sci-Fi!!

1. I Am Legend
2. Jumper
3. Minority Report
4. Forbidden Planet
5. The Time Machine
6. Galaxy Quest
7. Star Wars
8. Blade Runner
9. War of the Worlds
10. Enemy Mine
11. The Chronicles of Riddick
12. Spiderman
13. I, Robot

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Karen Bastille said...

I don't read science fiction, so you sort of lost me there - but on your side bar I noticed the Artist's Way.
Loved it! Cameron has newer books too - I recommend them all.
Happy TT!

Merrie Destefano said...


Thanks for the visit! And I'm hoping to find great inspiration from
the Artist's Way. I've heard wonderful things about her book and her seminars.

Blessings on your move!