The Big Day

Today's the Day. Eight fantasy fiction authors are going to descend upon Huntington Beach with a shout and a song.

Music by Christopher and Jennifer Hopper.

Dramatic readings.

Powerful messages.

Laughter. Lots of laughter.

Maybe some swordplay.

Wayne Thomas Batson, Eric Reinhold, Bryan Davis, L.B. Graham, Sharon Hinck, Donita K. Paul, Jonathon Rogers and Christopher Hopper.

7:00 p.m.
Calvary Chapel Refuge
7800 Edinger Ave.
Huntington Beach, California

If you can't make it because you live in Kansas, there is still hope.
You might be able to see it live on the Internet.
Visit the Fantasy Fiction Tour Web site, and remember that this is taking place on the West Coast. Pacific Time out here in the land of sunshine.

The land of aliens, like me, who love sci-fi and fantasy.

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