Black on White

Sing and think about what comes next. Words touch page and worlds begin. The start of something lovely. The death of something awful. It all starts with a series of black and white, a trail, rabbits hop. Not obedient. They disobey. Run their own way, burrow through soft brown dirt, cast a mist of clay into the air.


Go with it. Let the dream roll over your mind. Let the words take you away to somewhere else. Not here. Never here. Must escape. Would pay any price to get away, to be free.

To be. Black on white.

Clear and precise. Not like life. Red and flesh and bone. All put into rhythm and song, made pretty so someone will stop. And look. Read. Become the story. Become the character. Wear his flesh, turn around, look in the mirror.



In the black and white world of words. Longer and then longer still. Put the world on hold. Forget to eat, to sleep, to work. Let the phone ring, the door knock, the bills pile up. Cut the contacts with outside. Crawl inside where it’s oh so . . .


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