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I know. I know. You're all blogging geniuses and I'm still figuring it all out. But, just in case any of you are way back at Square One, like me, here's my blog tip for the day.

If you would like explore Alien Dream in a new, fresh and slightly bizarre way (and isn't that what everybody really wants? Well, that and a cabin in the mountains), here's my suggestion:

Let's say you're in the mood for something funny, light, almost goofy. Then slid your mouse over to the right, to the section called "Labels" and click on the section called "Monkeying Around." All silly stuffy. Guaranteed.

"Aliens in the News" is another laugh-fest. A chuckle at an alien's expense is like a chuckle in the bank, I always say.

Okay. Maybe you want something more esoteric. What? Pardon me, my inner voice just jumped in there. She can cause havoc if I let her out too often. Well, EXCUSE me. Yeah, whatever. Esoteric. Writer-ific. Then click on "Writing."

You wanna know how the aliens have been messin' with my head? Then click on "The Abduction." And help me plan some revenge.

You want to know what I like, for no apparent reason because you don't know me anyway and probably don't care? Well, then, click on "My favorites."

"He blinded me with science" is a regular expose on what those wacky scientists have been up to.You know. Goofy, super-smart scientific stuff. Inventing things like flying cars and invisible-cloaking-device-thingies. Just like the Jetsons, but not so 2-dimensional.

Because that's our mission statement here at Alien Dream.

Just like the Jetsons. But not so 2-dimensional.

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