The Secret Life of the Real Becky Miller: Part 2

Today we are continuing our interview with the REAL Becky Miller . . .

MD: What would you like to see change within the next year?

RLM: Well, the most obvious thing I would like to see changed is more fantasy on book shelves. And I wouldn’t mind seeing The Return to Efrathah included on the list. ;-)

Seriously, CBA publishers seem to be more open to fantasy, though some, cautiously so.

Ironically, I still don’t see a lot of the sword-and-sorcery fantasy I enjoy. I hear publishers saying they want something fresh, but when there are few s-and-s titles written from a Christian worldview, I claim that IS fresh.

Some of the “fantasy-friendly” editors have made it plain their interest is in a much narrower slice of the speculative pie, and sword-and-sorcery is not part of that mix. So I guess I would hope editors would expand what they are willing to consider.

Even the little science fiction that CBA has produced is borderline contemporary and is sometimes marketed as such.

MD: I agree. I’ve noticed that most of the science fiction in CBA, and even in ABA, tends to be futuristic fiction rather than what we might consider classic sci-fi that takes place on other planets.

How do think these changes will take place, or what is required for these changes to manifest?

RLM: Editor after editor says that what spurs change is sales. I wish publishing houses would do marketing studies because this reliance on sales is so nebulous. If there are only two speculative titles on the shelf of a CBA store, one an urban fantasy and one a science fiction, I, who love sword-and-sorcery fantasy, will probably go elsewhere. Then when sales don’t exceed expectations, marketers will say, Fantasy doesn’t sell in the CBA.

Compare that to the romance reader who has, 20 or more titles to choose from. What chance does she have of finding something she will like? The percentages are obviously in favor of the romance reader.

That being said, I think things like the CSFF Blog Tour and the Latest In Spec Classifieds can help the speculative titles find their audience. If sales improve, I see publishers increasing the number of titles exponentially.

MD: One thing I’ve noticed is that the CSFF Blog Tour really seems to be a great marketing tool for this growing market. It’s the perfect place for publishers to help introduce their speculative books to the readers who are interested. And, from my perspective, it’s an awesome opportunity for someone like me to get involved, to help promote the same type of fiction that I want to see when I walk into any bookstore, Christian or otherwise.

Who is the real Becky Miller and what is her secret life?

RLM: Hahah. Sharon Hinck put me on the map with The Secret Life of Becky Miller. I couldn’t be more different than Sharon’s character, however. I’m single, a baby-boomer, and living the life I’d dreamed of. I used to say my pipe-dream was to teach Bible, coach, and write. I lived that one year, but the writing was … secondary. When I had the opportunity to step away from teaching and begin writing full time, I felt like I’d become a whole person.

MD: What project are you working on now?

RLM: I’m working on a rewrite of the third book in The Lore of Efrathah trilogy. Its working title is The Battle for RevĂ­n.

MD: Okay, I have to ask this: What do aliens dream about?

RLM: I’m SURE they dream about the land of Efrathah. ;-)

MD: I think you're right. One more signature question: Where will you be in 10,000 years?

RLM: Heaven!

MD: Is there anything else you’d like to say or share
with the Alien Dream blog readers?

RLM: It’s a privilege to be included as part of this uber creative effort here at Alien Dream. Thanks for having me, Merrie.

MD: It’s my pleasure, of course! Like I mentioned, I’m thrilled to be part of the CSFF Blog Tour. If any of you readers are interested in joining the tour, stop over at CSSF.

And don't forget. We're going to run an excerpt from one of Becky's books tomorrow.

So stay tuned. Same bat time. Same bat channel.


Justin B. said...

Nice interview! She does so much hard work for the CSFF Blog Tour!

Merrie Destefano said...

Becky's great, that's for sure!

Thanks for stopping by, Justin, and that's one cool blog you have!

Have fun on the blog tour--

sally apokedak said...

Great interview! Thanks for running it.

Merrie Destefano said...

I'm glad you liked the interview and thanks for stopping by!