Flying through space, the ultimate cowboy, music my wings. I pause as I pass each planet, spinning round and round. There’s no sunlight in space. Only eternal, unending night. Cold and steal-your-soul emptiness. Me and a million billion miles of nothing. Sometimes I’m not even sure if I’m here anymore, if I’m real.

Maybe I melted in the solar wind, somewhere back around Mars, or maybe Jupiter. Maybe I’m just a memory of who I was once. A long time ago. Mind bending space. Vacuous.

Traveling at the speed of sound or the speed of light? I can’t remember anymore.

How about the speed of an equation...one plus one equals the other side of the universe. Heaven, eternal bliss. Two minus one equals the edge of hell. Dark fire, choking smoke.

Life on the edge. Nowhere to go. No one to care if you never come back.

One minus one equals the end; death; a one-way trip to the other side.

Life reduced to its simplest, most basic elements. In outer space, it all comes down to the raw relationships that you left behind.

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