One More Superpower

Your Superpower Should Be Mind Reading

You are brilliant, insightful, and intuitive.
You understand people better than they would like to be understood.
Highly sensitive, you are good at putting together seemingly irrelevant details.
You figure out what's going on before anyone knows that anything is going on!

Why you would be a good superhero: You don't care what people think, and you'd do whatever needed to be done

Your biggest problem as a superhero: Feeling even more isolated than you do now

I cruised over to Becca's site and found out she has this super cool, super power. She can manipulate FIRE. So what do I get? A weirdo parlor trick.

What card am I holding?

The five of clubs.

Oh, you are so smart!! Do it again!


Oh, please, please. Just one more incredibly pointless card trick to save the known universe.

Fine. You're dog's name is Joshua, you eat a burrito for lunch almost every day, and you are hopelessly addicted to sci-fi and fantasy . . . wait. That was me.

I think I liked it better when I was a yellow crayon.


Becca Johnson said...

LOL! At least you know what the bad guys are plotting. I have to go with the fire and hope I don't blow something up without cause. :P

Becca Johnson

Merrie Destefano said...

Maybe we should go after the bad guys together! I'll figure out what they're up to and you can stop them before they destroy the world.

Becca Johnson said...

Sounds like a plan! ;)

Becca Johnson