Aliens in the News

Breaking news: Apparently cow abduction by aliens is becoming a serious problem. One of our reporters has actually seen the pictures and videos that show the peril facing the great bovine empire.

However, what these pesky aliens are doing with our cows is still unknown.

Are they having a late night snack in the sky? Are they prying our four-legged friend for military secrets?

Learn more about this growing epidemic here.


Becky said...

So you really don't know? It was all over TV a year or so ago. The aliens have come for "Di-ary," the source of the magical white elixir that gives health and long life.

I think I may have posted on the topic some time ago. ;-)


Merrie Destefano said...

You sound like a top-notch alien reporter. Or perhaps you are on their salary ... hmmmm. Is there milk in your refrigerator? Any spare cows in your backyard??

Once again, evidence the aliens are here already. Becky has seen the signs too, on TV. What a wise soul to use TV as a news source.

Thanks for stopping by, Becky! And thanks for pointing us in the right direction. The magical white elixir. Yum.