The Hunt For The Great And Fearsome Firefish

Stories have been coming in all week about a dreaded seacreature, almost too fearsome to discuss on a PG-rated website. But, to preserve life and to promote good literature, I’m willing to tell you what I can.

Survivors have been few. A little known country by the name of Nearing Vast stands in the center of all the turmoil. Pirates are involved, as well. I know. I didn’t want to bring up the part about pirates. Lately, with all the popular movies out, pirates have taken on a friendly sort of appearance.

Don’t be fooled. Pirates are not our friends. For all we know they could really be aliens.

One man seems to know the true story behind the dreaded Firefish. George Bryan Polivka. And he has written the first in series of exposes on the subject. His picturesque writing takes the fearsome topic and renders it entertaining, nay, fascinating.

The first book in the Trophy Chase Trilogy is now available. Aptly titled, The Legend of the Firefish, it tells a heroic tale of faith, adventure and sacrifice.

But reader beware. The Firefish is not to be laughed at.

More information about this legendary seacreature can be found here.


Justin B. said...

Fear the firefish, He be more fearsome than the Krakken and the sea creatures from the Flying Dutchman!

Merrie Destefano said...

I know! And I'm surprised no one has heard of this terrible creature until now!

Thanks for stopping by, Justin. I hope you liked the book!

pixy said...

Bad fishy!

Merrie Destefano said...

Ha! He deserves to be taught a lesson, me thinks...