I Got My Green Card

What happens when an alien finally finds her place in the world? Well, besides getting a green card and a key to the planet, she gets a story published.

The next issue of the new online Zine, Residential Aliens, is out, full of gorgeous artwork, speculative fiction and an interview with artist Richard Svensson (creator of the eerie, yet wonderful illustration above). Writers in this issue include Curtis Schweitzer, Dan Devine, Patrick G. Cox, M. Vance, and of course, yours truly.

My flash fiction piece “Dirty Jobs” falls into a horror/speculative category, and in a few days I’ll tell the story behind the story.

For now, I invite you to enjoy the creative endeavors done by this group of aliens, longing for home.


Anonymous said...

Very fun! Thanks for the link and plug. And of course, mentioning all the great authors - which makes a zine a zine! Your piece, "Dirty Jobs," gave me the shivers - to think that our appetities/stomach can have such an eternal effect on us, if not for the grace of God! Congratulations on having your story published. I'll look for more! :-) Lyn from ResAliens

Selena said...

Congrats on your publication!

Merrie Destefano said...

I'm glad you liked "Dirty Jobs." I'm also thrilled to be part of this issue of Residential Aliens. I agree about our appetites, if not held in check and if not for God's help, they would devour us.

Thanks for the congratulations--I appreciate your comment! I hope you have a chance to stop by Residential Aliens and check out all the stories. Some great writing over there.