I Finally Found It

I know this doesn’t matter to anyone else, but I finally found my spray cheese. I lost it when the aliens abducted me last week and I got pretty hungry, locked up in that room. But now I am home again and I have my spray cheese and life is back to normal.



B.J. Taylor said...

String cheese -- the stuff that aliens love to devour. They don't even presss the top and watch it smoosh out in a stream, they just suck it right out of the can. Us earth people, we like to make silly faces on our crackers -- eyes and a smile (or frown) and a dot for a nose. Or we spray it on our hands and then lick it off with our tongues. Not aliens. They stick the end of the can in their mouth and before you know it, the whole thing is gone. Lucky you found it before they did, Merrie.

My advice is to buy a whole box of string cheese and keep it locked up good and safe.
'Til next time,

Merrie Destefano said...

Those wacky aliens! Sometime soon I'm going to remember where they took me when I was abducted. I heard there was a camera in the car and that somebody is getting the film developed.

Maybe when the film comes back I will remember...

Meanwhile, thanks for dropping by and hold on to your spray cheese. It's a HOT item in alien circles.