Catch a Falling Star

If you could capture the magic of a summer evening, with heat lightning crackling across the sky and fireflies glimmering in the meadow; if you could capture the wonder of your first kiss, put it in a bottle and sell it on the street corner; if you could capture the essence of your favorite fairy tale, add seven ghosts and a witch or two or three …

If you could catch a falling star and make her fall in love with you …

Then you would have an idea what to expect when you see Stardust.


spwriter said...

I really loved this movie. Give it time...it starts a bit slowly, then the charm kicks in.

Merrie Destefano said...

I agree, it starts a bit slow. And I've seen some reviews that slam DeNiro's acting, and that compare the movie unfavorably with The Princess Bride.

Personally, I don't think every movie, or book for that matter, needs to be compared to another, somewhat similar work. I think there are times when each creation should be allowed to stand on its own.

In this instance, the movie surprised me with its winsome qualities. I've never seen a funnier sword fight. I've never seen falling in love demonstrated so visually, and yet metaphorically at the same time.

It's rare for me to leave the theater, still delighted with the movie. But I was completely charmed by this summer flick.

Thanks for de-lurking, SP.